Ötztal Nature Park,
unrivaled to none when it comes to variety.


We are a Partner Accommodation of the Ötztal Nature Park.
Our guests can take part in free guided Nature Park Hikes within the Ötztal.

The Ötztal Nature Park covers 510 square kilometers and is Tirol's second biggest nature preserve, stretching from the valley floor up to the high Alpine regions formed by glaciers and the eternal ice. The park's highest point is Ötztal's Wildspitze peak at 3774 meters altitude. The mountain villages of Vent (cradle of the Alpine Association), Obergurgl (Tirol's highest parish), Niederthai/Umhausen and Gries/Längenfeld are located right at the heart of the Ötztal Nature Park – making a perfect base for mountain exploration.

The Ötztal Nature Park comprises a number of almost untouched, protected mountain areas in the Ötztal Alps and Stubai Alps which are characterized by fascinating high Alpine landscapes and huge glacier regions. Obergurgl's protected Stone Pine Forest and the unspoilt forest areas in Sölden's Windachtal feature century-old stone pone populations. Gurgler Kamm ridge is a Biosphere Park focusing on scientific research on the inter-action and development of both man and nature. The precipitous Engelswand rock face near Umhausen, an official Tirolean and European Natura 2000 Preserve, offers an insight into the varied flora and fauna in an almost vertical habitat. Another protected area can be found at the entrance to the Ötztal: the huge Achstürze-Piburger See region boasts an idyllic mountain lake amidst a huge rockslide area. The five main aims of the Ötztal Nature Park are to protect nature, preserve unspoilt landscapes, increase recreational values and promote scientific and cultural research in the region.

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